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The Tabernacle Experience

The Tabernacle Experience will provide tours of a life size replica of the tabernacle  of the Old Testament.  A welcome center will begin the tour with insights into the Tabernacle and the rich symbolism used within its structure to point the ancient Israelites to the Messiah and their return to our Heavenly Father.  Following the visitors center, tours will take those attending through 6 stations of the Tabernacle beginning with the Camp of Israel and  passing through the Holy of Holies where you will be directed back into the building to learn about the Tabernacle coverings and the High Priest's sacred clothing.  The tour concludes with the visitor's center  where you will be able to see a number of displays and learn more about the Tabernacle.

Each participating Stake within the Utah area will have the use of the Tabernacle for one day during the months of August 2022- October 2023.  Details on how to sign up for a tour will be provided by each individual Stake.

The Tabernacle experience is being sponsored by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Watch the short video about the Tabernacle and modern day temples.

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